Conference Presentations

These documents represent a sample of our conference participation in panel discussions, symposia, poster sessions, and general interest presentations around our Ready To Learn research. A large portion of our target audiences can be found at the American Educational Research Association (AERA), the national Head Start Research Conference (HSRC), the Society for Information Technology and Teacher Education (SITE) and the Society for Research on Educational Effectiveness (SREE).

Connected Learning Summit 2019

Conference poster presenting a study that explored the impact of the PBS KIDS Play & Learn Science app in a supportive context.


Interactive session exploring ways to use public media resources to engage families with young children in hands-on science exploration.

NYSCI 2018

New York Hall of Science presentation of our research report, "What Parents Talk About When They Talk About Learning: A National Survey About Young Children and Science."

SREE 2018

A PowerPoint presentation of our research report, "What Parents Talk About When They Talk About Learning: A National Survey About Young Children and Science."

SREE 2018

PowerPoint presentation comparing three RTL randomized contolled trial studies.

SRCD 2015

This poster updates our findings from a randomized control trial on media-supported early math learning.

NCTM 2015

This PowerPoint presentation summarizes the development of counting and patterns in preschoolers and illustrates how they are used in a public transmedia asset.

AERA 2014 (Aspirations)

This poster addresses parental attitudes regarding the potential and pitfalls of home media and technology use.

AERA 2014 (DLEC)

This poster describes what we’ve learned thus far in our study of digital resources for early childhood education, including approaches to classroom use of media, ways children experience media in the classroom, and roles teachers take in supporting children’s media use.

HSRC 2014

This poster presents findings from our randomized controlled trial examining the use of technology and educational digital games and videos to enhance mathematics teaching and learning in underserved preschools.

NAEYC 2014

This PowerPoint presents key findings on the uses of digital resources in classrooms when teaching early math and literacy.

AERA 2016

This paper, presented at the 2016 AERA conference, discusses the development of an early mathmatics assessment developed to evaluate the impact of a home intervention designed to promote young children's matehmatics learning.

SITE 2013

This conference paper describes a study focused on early mathematics learning through integrating transmedia and hands-on activities.

AERA 2010

This conference presentation covers research, evaluation, and social marketing studies on the development of literacy-based television shows, online games, and instructional materials, all of which were designed to promote the early literacy skills of traditionally underserved young children and change the literacy-related behaviors of their parents and caregivers.

SREE 2010

This conference presentation describes a randomized control study that investigated whether a multimedia early literacy intervention implemented by teachers in early childhood centers positively impacts low-income children’s early literacy skills.